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i1: NETmundial definition

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i2: Working definition of Multistakeholderism (m17m)


Internet governance should be built on democratic, multistakeholder processes, ensuring the meaningful and accountable participation of all stakeholders, including governments, the private sector, civil society, the technical community, the academic community and users. The respective roles and responsibilities of stakeholders should be interpreted in a flexible manner with reference to the issue under discussion.


Argument 1

This is the text that was agreed at NETmundial and has already gone through a rough consensus process.

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need to add caveat re decision making

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Both Parminder and Avri mentioned this - and I think it is important that we add a caveat that multistakeholder may not apply to final decision making

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Just wondering if we ought to extend this and look at decisions post IGF when people might have more time?

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